Posted by: allgolftv | September 9, 2008

NGL kicks off season with a party!

National Golf League kicks off season with “Suds on the Green”

When Tiger Woods isn’t center stage, the television ratings plummet. There is little drama in golf and no edge-of-your-seat action like other team sports. Often golf executives meet and discuss reasons for a lackluster response from youth, and wonder what the game needs to do to offer more appeal.

Gerry Kirkpatrick, Founder of, “We all talk about it, golf is down, rounds are down, etc, but when I heard about the NGL, I got chills up my arm, because this is exactly what golf needs.”  Other golf executives including Tom Moynihan, President of National Golf Sales Association remarked, “The NGL is great for Golf, exposing Professional Team Competition in a format that has been successful in most major sports adding spectator excitement and fun”.

Inspired by the success of the Ryder Cup and Arena Football, enter the National Golf League, NGL. The NGL is entering its fourth season with 15 teams, kicks off the season in Sacramento with “A Suds on the Green” party involving over 30 breweries circling the ninth hole. Hosted by the Sacramento Eagles, five Northern California teams will compete in a three format shootout. William Land Park GC will host the event beginning at 10:00 am on Saturday, September 13. The NGL has included music, an arena of hospitality tents, and a brewfest to add attraction and appeal to the game. A free concert will follow the golf action.

The event is free to attend. Participation in the brewfest is $20 presale and $25 at the door. The concert following golf is also free. Information about the Suds on the Green event can be found at

League Founder Bob Aube describes the league, “The NGL is offering a change to a traditional sport.  The NGL game is an action-packed offensive game where points are scored by winning holes. Five teams in uniforms are pit against each other in Ryder Cup style formats. Professionals compete who have played on the Canadian, PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, and the Champions Tour. Fans are encouraged to cheer, party, roam the fairways and enjoy a festive atmosphere.”

Ryan Hogue from the East Valley Albatross, (an Arizona NGL team), explains “I have been on the Nationwide, Canadian Tour and the Gateway Tour, I have never had more fun in any professional golf tournament then the NGL!”  Dennis Poulson, a Nationwide Tour player, and a member of the San Diego Spikes, describes the level of play, “You guys are on to something here, the product is solid and the level of play is very high, I am very impressed.”









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