Posted by: allgolftv | October 26, 2008

ProPlay North America Utilizes for Product Exposure

Roselle, IL – October 20, 2008 – ProPlay North America is thrilled to be able to air its product commercials on the website. is an exclusive provider of golf-related content on Wi-Fi TV, a worldwide interactive TV platform with channels in more than 140 countries.  AllGolfTV is your one-stop online golf media marketplace for televised golf events, golf products and services.  AllGolfTV is the next generation of Golf Media Distribution.  For more information about AllGolfTV, please contact Eileen Luttrell, President & CEO of


ProPlay North America has furnished AllGolfTV with an in-depth instructional video showcasing their ProPlay Glove & Grip Fitting System.  This innovative product takes the guesswork out of the often difficult task of consistently making sure you are holding your club properly. 


James Stammer, Golf and Travel Columnist for The Hometown News; Host of the “Tuesday Night Golf Show” on WPSL Radio; Columnist for; Columnist for Asian American Golf Magazine states “Your grips have definitely helped my game. They have been especially helpful to my 14-year-old son. He has a habit of putting his hands too far clockwise on the grip. The results are some ugly duck hooks. He’s been playing my Nike Slingshots with the ProPlay grips and is noticing improvement. While he finds having a neutral grip a bit uncomfortable, he’s noticing better ball flight and better contact.  Thank you for helping my game, and that of my son who is just learning the game. We’re looking forward to a lifetime of enjoying this sport and thanks to the help of your grip system; we’ll enjoy it even more.”


The ProPlay Glove and Grip Fitting System consist of two components – a glove and a grip. Both components feature instructional markings which work together to ensure proper hand placement on the club. When the markings on these two components are matched up, they create a perfect neutral grip.


ProPlay fits seamlessly. The grip dimensions are specifically designed to match your glove size. Five custom grip and glove offerings are available for men, three for women and three for juniors.


What distinguishes the ProPlay Glove and Grip Fitting System from other training aids is that it is considered a playing aid that can be used on the driving range and on the golf course as it conforms to USGA Rules per decision 2007-450.


Kiwi native Steve Williams and caddy to the greatest golfer in the modern era, Tiger Wood, claim “This is the most revolutionary product to come onto the market in years.”


ProPlay North America is located at 928 Central Avenue, Roselle, IL and can be reached at 630-980-3100 or on the web at


For more information on the ProPlay Glove and Grip Fitting System please contact Donna DelMuro at 630/980-3100 / 


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