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The Par:  $500/Month   $5000/Year


Banner Ad, 3 ESPN Radio Ads/day, 3 Press Releases/Month


The Birdie:  $500/Month   $5000/Year


Up to 3 Minutes commercial video time on*, 3 ESPN Radio Ads/Day, 3 Press Releases/Month

*Can be divided into smaller segments as short as 15 seconds)


The Eagle:  $800/Month   $8000/Year


All items from package A & B, On Demand Video Placement up to 1 hour of video running time (total 4 ESPN Radio Ads/Day and 4 Press Releases/Month)


The Hole in One:  $900/Month   $9000/Year


Banner Ad, up to 6 minutes commercial video time, 1 hour On Demand Video placement, total 6 ESPN Radio Ads/Day, 6 Press Releases/Month


ESPN commercials are aired on one (1) area station of buyers choice between 7pm-12am.  Large metropolitan areas rates will vary and will be quoted on an individual basis, radio times are negotiable but may change number of ads or package price. Additional Video & Radio ads may be added a la carte, we would be happy to provide a custom quote based on individual needs.  Press Releases are with “The Golf Business Wire” and may be up to 700 words and are to be written by the buyer.  All Radio and Satellite Radio Ads will refer audience to buyers website or phone number and


All Video submissions are screened prior to upload and broadcast.


Please visit for additional terms and conditions.


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